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TERRA Year 2000 Compliance Statement

For products sold by TERRA but manufactured by third parties (e.g. Logitech), TERRA cannot really provide a year 2000 compliance statement. TERRA's position with regard to sales of year 2000 compliant TERRA products and TERRA updates of own or third party products may be summarized as follows:

TERRA Datentechnik has checked such products to the best of its knowledge and made sure that these are year 2000 compliant. Year 2000 compliant TERRA products and year 2000 compliant TERRA updates of own or third party products will perform properly before and after the year 2000 and independent from the change of century, provided that the underlying operating system and environment are year 2000 compliant, too. Please note, however, that this statement of compliance does not constitute a warranty or extend the terms of any existing warranty. The warranties provided for TERRA's products, if any, are set forth in the terms of the license agreement under which you are using the product. These terms exclude any warranty or liability related to the use or inability to use the product. The year 2000 compliance information is provided for the sole purpose of assisting our customers in managing the change of century.

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