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Logitech Modula-2 V4 "Support Release 4 by TERRA"

(Extract of release notes of August 1998)

In June 1995 TERRA provided its Modula-2 customers with its 3rd M2V4 Support Release. Since then only very few problems have been found in Logitech Modula-2 V4. Unfortunately, lately some year 2000/2028 problems and limitations turned out to be present in the LogitechModula-2 library. This has triggered TERRA to provide the M2V4 Support Release 4, in order to help customers to resolve these problems.

Although the year 2000/2028 problems were the main reason for creating Support Release 4, a few further problems found have been corrected on the fly. The list of a few remaining known problems that could not be addressed with this support release is included in the DOC\BUGS sub-directroy.


To install the updated files, make the drive containing the distribution disk current and simply start the 'INSTALL.BAT' file.

Note well:
Unlike previous TERRA Support Releases, the M2V4 Support Release 4 does NOT include the files and updates already provided by earlier TERRA Support Releases. The M2V4 Support Release 4 is intended to be installed on top of an installed Logitech Modula-2 V4.00 system that has already been updated with the M2V4 Support Release 3.

The installation procedure will check for this condition by verifying the existance of some files installed by the previous Support Release.

Your Modula-2 V4 system and application programs may not work properly and fail in arbitrary ways, if the Support Release 4 is used to update an original Logitech Modula-2 V4 installation, that has not yet been updated with the TERRA M2V4 Support Release 3!

Note for users that hold a license of the TERRA ROM Tools V4.00/4.01, the Logitech Modula-2 V4.0 Compiler Support for DOS/16M, or the TERRA/Logitech Real Time Kernel:

The M2V4 Support Release 4 is compatible with these products, and these products do not require further updates with regard to the year 2000 problems of the original Logitech Modula-2 V4.00 library.

Year 2000/2028 Compliance of Library and Application Programs

The original Logitech Modula-2 V4.00 library contains some year 2000 and 2028 problems and limitations. A number of modules had to be changed in order to remove these.

Note well:
Due to the nature of these problems, and due to the fact that full compatibility to the original library version must be maintained by the TERRA M2V4 Support Release, the year 2000/2028 compliance of your application programs (with regard to using the library) cannot simply be achieved by relinking after installation of the corrected library.

You will probabely need to scan your source code and you may need to modify some of it. Usually, only very few modifications will be required.

Please refer to the document provided in file DOC\YEAR2000.TXT for more precise hints on these issues. You may also want to take a look at the extended TERRA version of module "TimeDate", which is provided by the M2V4 Support Release (and replaces the corresponding Logitech original). Its definition module can be found in file SRC\TIMEDATE.DEF.

Summary of Major Improvements in M2V4 Support Release 4

Standard Library:
Major common library problems corrected and new features added, in particular with regard to the year 2000/2028 problems and limitations of the original Logitech library

Complete information on year 2000/2028 library issues and on the compiler and library problems not resovled by Support Release 4.

Please note well, that the major contribution of Support Release 4 is not only in the corrected and extended libraries, but to an equal part lays in the information provided in file DOC\YEAR2000.TXT.

Documentation Files (DOC and DOC\BUGS sub-directories)

The existing documentation file DOC-LIST.TXT will be updated when installing this Support Release, and the new files YEAR2000.TXT and BUGS\BUGS404.TXT will be added.

DOC-LIST.TXT - Complete list of all V4 document files, including a short description of each document.

YEAR2000.TXT - Provides information on the year 2000/2028 problems and limitations of the original Logitech library, on TERRA's library extensions and modifications for fixing these, as well as hints and tips for checking your application programs with regard to these problems.

BUGS\BUGS404.TXT - List of known (compiler) problems remaining in Logitech Modula-2 V4 upon creation of the TERRA Support Release 4 in August 1998.

Standard Library Modules

As far as necessary, the standard libarary modules have been updated for year 2000/2028 compliance. An extended "TimeDate" module is included. A few further library problems have been resolved.

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