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TERRA Versions 3.41 of the Logitech Modula-2 Compiler


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General Information on the TERRA Compiler Versions

The Modula-2 Compilers version 3.41 have been derived from the standard Logitech/MultiScope Modula-2 Compiler 3.40. As a key feature, the compilers version 3.41 are year 2000 (Y2K) compliant, i.e. correct the year 2000 problems existing in version 3.40. These problems in general may prevent successful linking, cause module "Overlay" to report "version conflicts", and make debugging of programs compiled in the year 2000 or later impossible.

In addition, the Large and Big version 3.41 compilers optionally allows to display some statistics information about table and memory usage during a compilation (see option description below). These improvements were originally developped by TERRA for the Large compiler version.

As a key feature, TERRA's Large and Big compiler versions also include extended name tables, allowing to compile larger programs, i.e. programs that consist of a large number of modules and make use of a large number of identifiers.

Sizes of Critical Compiler Tables

 Standard versions
M2C 3.40 & M2C 3.41/TESV

 Large version
M2C 3.41/Large

Big version
M2C 3.41/Big
Identifier table (P1IdentSy.idtab)


Hash table (P1IdentSy.htab)


TypeRefFixup table (P4Refere.typeRefFixups)

 260 / 400

Procedure Code table (P4CodeSy.code)


Statement table (P4CodeSy.statementInfo)


Linker table (P4Li.linkTab)


Forward Fixup table (P4Li.topBindTab)



This table has been updated 24-Jan-2000. In an earlier version of this document the values for M2C 3.41/Big were not correct. However: all delivered versions of M2C 3.41/Big delivered since 1998 support the enlarged tables!

The Large and Big compilers version 3.41 support the additional option /MEMSTAT (default /NOMEMSTAT). If this option is enabled, the compiler displays the size of the largest memory block available from DOS at the end of each compiler pass, as well as the sizes and the number of entries actually used in the above three tables.

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TERRA Enhanced Standard Compiler 3.41/TESV

Due to the corrections, the memory requirements of the TERRA enhanced standard version 3.41/TESV of the compiler (M2C and overlay version M2COMP) are expected to be slightly higher than those of the corresponding original Logitech/MultiScope compiler version 3.40.

TERRA recommends using the Large compiler instead of the standard version, which usually prevents table and memory overflows that may occur unexpectedly with the standard version.

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TERRA Large Compiler 3.41/Large

The TERRA Large compiler version 3.41/Large provides enlarged tables as noted above, and at the same time has been trimmed for minimal and economic memory usage.

The identifier and hash tables are allocated temporarily during the compiler pass 1 only. Because memory usage is much more critical during pass 4, the increase of these tables does not increase the total memory needs of the compiler.

Because some unnecessary variables have been removed, and because the Large Linker options /OI, /OIO (optimize init calls), and /K (keep procedures in base) have been used to link the TERRA Large Compiler, its total memory requirements are slightly smaller than those of the standard 3.40 and 3.41 versions.

The fully linked compiler M2C 3.41/Large needs about 1.3 KB less memory than the standard version M2C 3.40.

The overlay compiler M2COMP 3.41/Large needs about 3.8 KB less memory than the standard version M2COMP 3.40 (size required for EXE and pass 4).

It has also been found, that in the standard version 3.40 of the compiler (as well as in version 3.40/L1) about 14 KB (12 KB) of the memory allocated to the identifier and hash tables cannot be re-allocated later, because the standard module "Storage" always allocates memory from DOS in junks of 16000 bytes. By using a more appropriate size for the hash table, as well as a version of "Storage" that is able to allocate and use smaller pieces of memory from DOS, this limitation has been removed in the Large compiler version. The use of this "Storage" module also enables the Large compiler to finally allocate and use any remaining DOS memory blocks that are smaller than 16000 bytes.

In consequence of the above, the Large version of the compilers M2C and M2COMP virtually have access to about 16 to 32 KB more memory than the standard 3.40 and 3.41 versions. In the average, this corresponds to an increase of about 10 percent for M2C, and of about 7 percent for M2COMP with regard to the maximum amount of heap memory available to the compiler.

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TERRA Big Compiler 3.41/Big

The TERRA Big compiler version is based on the same source modifications and uses the same table sizes as the Large compiler. In addition, it has been built by means of the DOS extender DOS/16M from Tenberry Software, Inc. The Big compiler runs in protected mode and, therefore, has access to the extended memory of the computer. Due to this, only the fully linked version M2CB.EXE of the Big compiler has been created (no overlay version).

Even if just a few MB's of extended memory are available, using the Big compiler basically removes any practical compilation memory limits. With the standard and Large compiler versions such problems may arise when compiling large modules or programs. These problems will usually cause compilation to abort with the message "heap overflow".

The Big compiler also uses an increased size for the inter-pass files used internally by the compiler. In consequence, the Big compiler truely allows to compile large modules of up to 64 KB of code (processor limit). When compiling such modules, the standard and Large compiler versions usually abort with the message "maximum size for interpass file reached: split your module".

The increased size of the Procedure Code Table allows to translate procedures that had to be spilt up to several smaller procedures in the past, thus destroying the logical context of these procedures and causing programming overhead.

For all practical purposes, the Big compiler does not impose any restrictions on the total size of the modules and programs being compiled, except those that are implied by the target processor and environment.

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