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Logitech Modula-2 V4 Compatible DOS and Win16 Libraries for Stony Brook Modula-2 V3

The fact, that the Stony Brook system comes with different libraries, so far prevented quick adaptation of existing Logitech Modula-2 V4 applications. These times are gone now. With the availability of compatible libraries from TERRA the port of existing DOS and Windows 16-bit Logitech Modula-2 V4 applications to Stony Brook Modula-2 V3 has become a snap.

The Logitech Modula-2 V4 compatible library implementations basically include all but a few Logitech library modules. Not included are module "Break", the exception handling modules, and some further modules of the run-time support, which are unlikely to be called directly from application programs.


Interrupt Handling and Coroutines in Stony Brook Modula-2 V3

When compiling for DOS, Stony Brook Modula-2 V3 supports writing interrupt handlers basically in the same way as Logitech Modula-2 V4, i.e. it recognizes the [INTERRUPT] procedure attribute. As usual for ISO Modula-2 implementations, coroutine handling is provided by the standard module COROUTINES, and the standard type PROTECTION provides for module protection ("priorities").

The original Stony Brook COROUTINES module provides TRANSFER, but does not implement IOTRANSFER and related procedures. Therefore, TERRA has added two IOTRANSFER implementations in the Logitech compatible DOS library: One according to the ISO standard, and another one that follows the old Wirth/Logitech definition.

TERRA has also added a simple implementation of module protection, which is not based on the interrupt controller mask (like priorities in Logitech Modula-2): Interrupts will be turned off on the processor level when executing code in a protected module. This scheme is expected to be sufficient in many cases, although some systems might require more precise control.

At present, the above only applies to DOS applications. Up to some point it could also be provided for the 32-bit DOS extended environment, although certain restrictions will probably remain. If you just need COM port I/O and parallel processing, creating a Win32 application based on the Windows API and module "Threads" might be a reasonable alternative.

If your application has particular requirements in anyone of the above areas, please communicate them to TERRA Datentechnik.

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