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TERRA Large System Tools Release 1.50/W95 for LOGITECH Modula-2 V3
(extract of release notes file, 27-May-91/27-Jan-97)

Large System Tools Overview
The TERRA Large System Tools provide a set of utilities that are very usefull when creating and debugging large programs with LOGITECH Modula-2. These utilities are the Large Linker (M2LL), the TERRA Run-Time Monitor (TRTM), and the TERRA Cross Run-Time Debugger (XRTD). It thus allows to extend the livetime of this development system considerably.

The Large Linker M2LL (derived from the standard LOGITECH M2L Linker) allows to link Modula-2 programs about one and a half times as large as those that can be linked with the standard M2L Linker version 3.40.

The TERRA Run-Time Monitor TRTM and the Cross Run-Time Debugger XRTD allow to cross-debug MS-DOS programs written in Logitech Modula-2 by means of two PC's. The application program is started by means of the TRTM on a first PC (called "target" PC in the following), which is connected by means of a serial line to a second PC (called "host" PC in the following). The Cross Run-Time Debugger (XRTD) is then started on the host, i.e. on the second PC, in order to debug the application program running on the target PC.

Under Windows95, the TERRA Run-Time Monitor TRTM95 and the Cross Run-Time Debugger XRTD support cross-debugging by means of two DOS boxes on the same computer. The Logitech Modula-2 MS-DOS program is run in one DOS box by means of the TRTM95. The XRTD is started in a second DOS box, in order to "cross"-debug that program. In this case, shared files (instead of a serial line) are used for the communication between the XRTD and the TRTM95.

Cross-debugging by means of the TERRA Run-Time Monitor is particularily usefull, if the program to be debugged is too large to be debugged with the regular PC resident Modula-2 Run-Time Debugger (RTD). While the RTD needs a minimum of about 100 - 120 KB of memory, the standard TRTM version only uses about 9 KB. It is even possible to create a "minimal" TRTM that will use less than 6 KB of memory.

New Features of Release 1.50/W95 and Additions after May 1991
Release 1.50/W95 additionally includes the TRTM95, which supports cross-debugging of Modula-2 V3 programs running in a Windows95 DOS box by means of the XRTD running in a second DOS box on the same computer.

Release 1.50/W95 also includes a slightly improved XRTD, which may be used in conjunction with the special TRTM95 (use XRTD option /W) or with the standard TRTM. The improved XRTD also supports a few new options. Please refer to file DBUGREAD.ME for detailed information.

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