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 It's a SONY Beschreibung
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Nachfolgermodell des VPL-PX20. Baugleich, aber mit 1'800 ANSI-Lumen (anstatt 1'400)

New portable SONY LCD projector combines super bright images with advanced feature set

The latest addition to SONY Broadcast & Professional’s LCD projector range is a model with super bright image reproduction, designed for portable applications or alternatively in fixed installations within meeting rooms and presentation facilities. As well as the corporate sector, SONY foresees this new extension to its range proving attractive to the hire market.

With an image brightness of 1800 ANSI lumen, the new VPL-PX21 represents one of the brightest portable projectors on the market and can be operated in any ambient lighting conditions. Belying its performance capabilities, this new addition to the SONY LCD projector is small, lightweight (7.2kg) and easy to set up and operate.

The projector features a host of advanced features that simplify operation and minimise set-up time. The projector possesses 38 pre-set data settings so that the instant a computer or video player is connected, it analyses the data stream and selects the most appropriate setting to provide optimum picture quality instantaneously. To ensure optimum image clarity, the SONY-developed auto pixel alignment (APA) function provides, at the push of a button, rapid dot phase adjustment on the computer signal.

At the same time, SONY has developed the machine’s acoustic performance to a point where the projector is almost silent. During a presentation, the Digital Zoom function enables the operator to zoom into one region of the projector screen at 1, 2, 3 or 4 times the normal size using the remote commander.

USB computer connection
Personal Computers have become an essential compliment to an LCD projector with the majority of presentations being stored on a computer hard disk. Two innovations further integrate these complimentary data processing requirements. A new USB port on the projector provides plug and play connection to the new generation of USB capable computers. This high performance port speeds data flow between PC and projector, enabling data rich applications to be displayed on the projector screen. The VPL-PX21 provides a USB hub, so that other compatible devices, such as high performance USB loud speakers can be connected to the system.

Another innovation in the VPL-PX21 is bespoke application software, called Projector Station. A new proposition in projector/computer integration, Projector Station simplifies presentation management, utilising the computer to control the presentation and the projector in a user-friendly environment.

DTV scan capabilities
As well as its outstanding picture brightness, the VPL-PX21 features one of the market’s most sophisticated scan converters. Using bilinear interpolation techniques, the new scan converter has a comprehensive video and data processing capability. With native XGA resolution, the projector’s scan converter can support image resolutions up to SXGA with almost no visible quality loss.

When operating as a video projector, the new model can process any signal from VHS right up to six new high definition DTV standards. SONY is one of the first manufacturers to offer a Digital RGB input, and effectively, this feature future-proofs the projector.


VPL-PX21 - technical background
Projection system

3 LCD panels, one lens, projection system
LCD panel 1.3-inch p-Si TFT LCD panel with micro lens array
2,359,296 pixels (786,432 pixels x 3)
Projection lens
1.3 times zoom lens
F1.7 to 2.0, f36.7 to 47.8mm
Lamp 200W UHP
Screen coverage 40 to 300 inch
Light output 1800 ANSI lumen

Throwing distance
40 inch: 1490 to 1820 mm
60 inch: 2280 to 2780 mm
80 inch: 3060 to 37400mm
100 inch: 3850 to 4700mm
120 inch: 4630 to 5660mm
150inch: 5810 to 7100mm
200inch: 7770 to 9500mm
300inch: 11700 to 14300mm

Video: 750 TV lines (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N)
RGB: 1024 X 768 dots
Signal RGB: fH 15,24-91 kHz
fV 43-85 Hz
15Khz component 50/60Hz system
DTV (480/60P, 575/50P, 1080/50I, 1080 & 1250/50I, 720/60p, 720/50p)
Composite video, Y/C video


Preis: SFR 11'990.- exkl. MwSt
SFR 12'901.- inkl. MwSt
Leasing: möglich mit SONY Finance

 It's a SONY Beschreibung
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